Chris Melchior bio


1989 Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (advanced business effectiveness, communication, and personal development skills)

1990 – 96 ‘A’ grades in Masters Degree classes including audio composition, computer audio, multimedia, computing, electronics, high adventure and fine art.

1988 – 91 1st class BA. Honors in Music with Fine Art. (plus Philosophy Courses.) (GPA = 3.96)

1983 – 84 6 ‘A’ levels.

1981 – 83 11 ‘O’ levels.

1982 Grade 8 violin with Distinction.

1984 Grade 8 music theory with Distinction


Jul 1991 – Aug 1995 Freelance creative audio/visual production.

Aug 1995 – May 1996 Graduate assistant (teaching Degree classes) to Head of Electronic Music Dept. Radford University, VA USA.

May 1996 – May 1997 Freelance creative audio/visual production.

May 1997 – Dec 1997 Stainless Software (computer games company), all of audio/SoundFX, plus image work.

April 1999 – May 1999 Working as a musician on “the worlds most luxurious” cruise ship.

June 1999 – present day Freelance creative audio/visual production.

Nov 1999 – Aug 2000 Advertising copywriter, and visual production work for ArtAsia (Phuket Magazine, plus various guides, adverts and design jobs etc).

Jan 2001 – Feb 2002 Administration, statistics, computer advice and training for Healthcall, Enfield.

Oct 2003 – June 2010 Musician, DJ, design (show design, graphics, area design etc.), and fine artist, for Wave Entertainment company (Phuket).


• Number one computer game in the world (1997) – creation and production of all audio material and sound FX (for Carmageddon (Splat Pak) – voted best game in the world, 1997, by PC Zone).

• Founder member of the highly acclaimed UK. production company ‘White Monkey Trip’.

• Content creation for publications, including writing, copy-writing and visual design.

• Creation of high-converting sales-copy for various products.

• Ten years experience in visual creativity and production, including computer games 2D artwork, best selling greeting cards, brochures, magazine layout and artwork, logo design, other work for print and publications, unique fractal art, CDROM work, album covers, posters, promotional material and popular landscape painting.

• Web-design and content, WordPress installation, optimization, customization, maintenance.

• Marketing strategy for Natural Data Manager, plus webdesign, graphics, and content writing for this website, as well as management of the affiliate program.

• Experience in visual production and advertising copywriter for a leading publication and print company.

• Extensive professional experience with computer software . . . Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Logic Audio, CoolEdit, Adobe Pagemaker, Illustrator, Bryce2, Soundedit, Soundhack, Wave for windows, Microsoft Word and some experience with Quark Express, Macromedia Director, and Coda (business data input), Adobe Premiere and other business, multimedia, audio and visual software.

• 2D visual production work for sequel to Carmageddon (the best computer game of ’97, PC Zone), and one other game.

• Asked to create new logos and visual production for an internationally renowned 6 Star Hotel.

• Experience planning and setting up a highly successful audio recording studio.

• Violin playing at a leading 6-star and 5-star Hotels, in Phuket.

• Experience as an integral part of the multimedia piece ‘Western Lands’ which was a best selling performance at the Lilian Baylis Theatre London, (part of the Sadler’s Well Theatre). I was involved in the recorded audio material, live music, imagery, and design of promotional material.

• Show design (area decoration, table decorations, etc.) for two 5-star Hotel’s New Years Even shows.

• Experience as creative consultant for multimedia company (Blue Ridge Creative Consultants).

• A wide variety of experience as a composer/musician working in collaboration with choreographers/dancers including several projects with other members of ‘White Monkey Trip’.

• Experience working as part of a team in a leading computer games company.

• Very experienced audio composer working in genres including dance, ambient, heavy metal, new age, contemporary electro-acoustic, and acoustic.

• Art created for released CD covers.

• 7 years experience as a fine artist, including several solo exhibitions in London, work includes abstracts.

• Production, session playing, string arranging and orchestral arranging on several albums in the UK and USA including releases by Virgin and Atlantic records, including conducting and rehearsing members of the Salt Lake City Symphony Orchestra, and playing bass guitar, percussion, recorder, acoustic and electric guitars, piano and samplers on released albums.

• Practical experience with design and construction, interior design and implementation.

• Twenty-five years experience as a violin and viola player.

• Experience working as a ‘reading bass player’ and solo violinist on a top cruise ship.

• Experienced contemporary, classical, dance, rock, folk & jazz musician working with a wide variety of acoustic & electronic musical instruments.

• Experience working with some of the most highly regarded Indian musicians in the UK.

• Experience creating experimental ambient music, live and recorded

• Very experienced at improvising and sight reading in a great variety of musical styles.

• Experienced music sequencer user, including drum programming, with well over 2000 hours use of Logic Audio and Reaper, creating a wide variety of music, and advising other Recording Studios.

• Experienced analogue and digital synthesizer programmer, with in depth knowledge of Waldorf Pulse Plus, Yamaha VL70M, DX100, EMS synthi AKS, Korg Wavestation, ARP Oddessy, Lexicon MPX1 and Siel Mono, and some knowledge of Emu E6400, Juno, SH101, MT32, Akai S1000, Proteus, Waldorf Microwave, TG77, XP50 and others.

• Eighteen months experience working in two different professional recording studios, including all aspects of music production, performance, sound engineering, mastering and programming.

• Three years practical experience playing British folk music.

• Creation of several videos.

• Twelve years orchestral experience on violin and viola.

• Two years orchestral percussion classes at Royal College of Music (j.d.).

• Many years research and development of specialized fractal-based sound synthesis concepts.

• Acoustic musical instrument designer and maker.

• Excellent general understanding of sound synthesis, computer hardware and software principles, acoustics, image technology, electronics, and technology, including teaching Degree level classes in some of the above.

• Seven years at the Royal College of Music (j.d.) on a county scholarship.

• Leader (principle) of the Stoneliegh Youth Orchestra, the foremost youth orchestra in England at the time, first violin in Royal College of Music First orchestra (j.d.), various string quartets and other ensembles.

• Experience in managing, rehearsing and running successful string ensembles and other groups and projects.

• Six years experience running my own business in the arts.

• Several albums of my own music, mixed for international release.

• Logo design for the ‘Pure Sound’ company.

• Many years computer programming experience in C, Basic, Pascal, and Unix and experience of many microcomputer systems, specializing in writing sound software, including synthesis algorithms and sound manipulation utilities, and image creation and manipulation software.

• Invited to lecture on ambient music at a University.

• Delivery of a highly praised personal development seminar at the UK’s top advertising company.

• Experience initializing and defining company vision, mission, marketing strategy, and other aspects of company policy and practical implementation for various businesses.

• Planning and creation of an internationally recognized software guide.

• Extensive experience teaching computer use, software and skills in office environments as well as university and other businesses.

• Computer consultant to very highly paid professionals (who earn millions of pounds a year).

• Writing highly praised advertising copy for a variety of international clients.

• Teaching students at one of Asia’s top International Schools (Dulwich school, Phuket).

• Set-up and administration of a very successful 16-year internet forum (for advanced self-development technologies).

• Extensive experience using, teaching, researching and advising on computer operating systems including Windows 2000, 98, 95, 3.1, MacOS, Unix, VAX11-750 Basic, Atari, and others.

• Experience teaching Degree level classes in a renowned University.

• Set-up and maintenance of complex statistical reports for more than one company.

• Member of the course committee on Art Foundation Course.

• Group leader on ‘Operation Raliegh’ course helping underprivileged children.

• Very knowledgeable in science & technology.

• Donation of artwork and music for ‘The Gift’ tape, to help children in Bosnia and Chernobyl.

• Practical experience of modern dance.

• Standard Degree level Engineering practical courses in electronic and mechanical engineering.