Christmas cards (created by me).


  This Christmas image is based on an image I created some years ago in Bryce 3D software, processed, and with some additional conifer trees added, in Photoshop.

I love the dark, moody atmosphere, beautiful and evocative of misty mountain journeys.

  This Christmas image is created from photos of camels on a beach I took in Morocco while I was travelling there in 2010, combined together in Photoshop with oil painting textures and lettering.

I like the semi-abstract nature of the image, and the warm desert colors (which remind me of deserts I’ve seen in the middle east, north Africa and America (just typing that makes me want to travel more !!)).

  A simple but beautiful Christmas card, created using a free image of two conifer trees in snow, combined with one of my own textures and some stars I created for some earlier  designs, all with several stages of processing in Photoshop (inspired by an image I found somewhere while collecting inspirations for this series).

As with the other images here, there are multiple variations of this image, with the same basic elements but different colors, processing, lettering etc. To see the others, click the image which will take you to another site of mine (with more Christmas card images), then click the image there and look below it to see the variations (and yet more of my other Christmas cards too!).

  An effective combination of a rough circular patch of watercolor I did a few months ago, with some added highlights, a free bauble image (processed to leave just the outline), and some lettering.

The 4 images on this page are just a few of my 1161 new Christmas card images released this year.

Happy Christmas season everyone !!



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