Chris Melchior – multi award-winning content creator, author, internet-marketer and consultant.

A few examples of his notable content include music/soundFX for Carmageddon (“Game of the year” 1997), a best-selling range of watercolor greetings cards, and research plus all writing and imagery for the leading website on energy-bodies.

Chris was awarded a First Class Honors Degree in Music with Visual Arts, (from a leading educational facility in the UK), is a media authority expert and also a consultant in other aspects of online business as well as advanced empirical spirituality.

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(includes some of my favorite humor as well various other topics).

Content creation :

the written word (non-fiction books, info-products and other writing)

visual content (fine art, popular art, photography, graphics, web design)

audio content (music, sound effects)

other :

advanced self-development / empirical spirituality / practical-metaphysics

business services / consultancy